American Flag Window Decal

American Flag Window Decal Template

There are many ways by which an American citizen can show patriotism. However, the one most attention-grabbing way is having an American flag window decal on your car. By so doing, everyone you come across on the road, a public parking lot or your drive way will be able to see the decal. There too is a different way of doing this. One can choose to add a customized message underneath the American flag in order to give the decal a more personal touch; the kind of message that will be able to make their decal stand out from all the rest. As such, using the American flag window decal, one can be able to easily meet this need in an instant. This is because the template is designed in such a way that makes it easier for one to use it irrespective of their skills. Moreover, this template has a couple of benefits such as being easy to customize, being offered free of charge on this page, being extremely easy to use and, can be downloaded right here.

How to Use the American Flag Window Decal

Using the American flag window decal is very easy. The steps involved include the following:

  • Clicking on the download button
  • The file will automatically be downloaded into your download documents. In case you have a hard time locating it, you can simply press the Cntl+J buttons to enable you locate it
  • Once you click on the file, it will open in a new Microsoft Word document
  • From this document, you can customize the text by writing a personal message underneath the flag. The text could be further customized to adopt different typefaces, font size or even colors. If need be, you can as well try to format the image (the American flag) by trying out different contrasts and brightness levels of the image.
  • Once you have finalized with the customization, you should then save it using a more specific name, like ‘Jane Doe American Flag Decal’ so that it will be a lot easier to locate at a later stage

Tips on How to Use the American Flag Window Decal

There is no hidden secret regarding how one should use the American flag window decal template. This is because the template is extremely easy to use. However, one need to ensure that they do not mess up with the size of the template when customizing it, and should always save it in a safe location, including an external drive, so that it can be used even in future.

Download: American Flag Window Decal

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