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Free American Flag Magnets

Patriotic American Holidays occur throughout the year. From personal, intimate gatherings with family and friends to large community-wide or company-wide gatherings, American Flag Magnets are an easy way to decorate the home or office. American Flag magnets make great gifts for any occasion or for any patriot out there. Not only are they decorative but also serves two functions: demonstrate patriotism and hold up important documents on the refrigerator. The customizable message box allows for uniqueness and creativity in the finished product. This product is fast, simple and manageable with the capacity for individual or corporate personalization.

How to Use the American Flag Magnets Template

  • This template is free and easy to download right from this page. Just click download to begin. Once the file is downloaded, open it up in a word document to personalize and print.
  • Next, it’s easy to personalize the magnet by clicking the box under the decal. Type your own custom message for the occasion at hand.
  • And finally, load the printer with magnetic paper and print; it’s that easy.


Tips for the Use of the American Flag Magnets Template

  • Magnetic paper can be purchased from any stationary retailer or ordered online through a variety of vendors.
  • Remember that for large groups or even the frugal consumer that the size of the decal and text are easily adjusted. They can be copied and pasted in order to fit more than one magnet per page.
  • Also, American Flag Magnets can be used for both occasions of celebration and remembrance thanks to the easy to use personal message box. Remember the victims of September 11 or celebrate the the 4th of July. All patriotic moments are made simple with this fast and easy product.


This free and easy template makes patriotism simple for everyone. From the 4th of July to Veteran’s Day to the return of a family member or friend from military service, American Flag Magnets serve as personalized and functional items for all patriotic needs.

Download: American Flag Magnets

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