American Flag Stickers

Free American Flag Stickers

If you have ever wanted to decorate something of yours with an American flag sticker, this free template can help you do just that. All that you need is a regular printer, scissors, printer paper, sticker paper and contact paper.

How to Use American Flag Stickers

  • First, in order to use the American flag stickers, you need to take the image and print it out on regular printer paper. Once you have decided how the sticker paper needs to be loaded onto your printer, you can start to place the sticker paper in the printer the correct way.
  • Next, print out the sticker. In order to make sure that the sticker is waterproof, you will need to apply clear contact paper to the sticker paper.
  • Finally, take the contact paper off of the American flag stickers and enjoy!

Tips for Using American Flag Stickers

  • Make sure that your sticker paper is put into the printer the right side up.
  • Make sure that the image is as big as you want your real sticker to be.
  • When using colored images for stickers, make sure that you use colored ink. Otherwise, your sticker will not turn out with any color other than the colors of ink that you had in your printer at the time you were printing the sticker out.
  • Sticker paper and contact paper can be found easily at any local craft store.
  • Make sure to be precise when you cut your sticker out; otherwise, it will not look as clean and professional. This sounds like a no-brainer, but to cut the image out when you are cutting out the sticker from contact paper needs to be handled with care if you want the best turnout for your sticker. You want to be extra careful. You don’t want to be in a rush when you do this step for this very reason.


Download: American Flag Stickers

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