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Personal letterhead can be an excellent addition to the letters that you write to your family members and friends. It is a way of proclaiming, “It’s me sending you this letter!” The personal letterhead template is available as a free, instant download on this page. Just click on the link to begin using the personal letterhead template today!

What Personal Letterhead Contains

The essential elements of personal letterhead are your contact information – your name, address, phone number, email and URL if applicable. What you want to include that makes the letterhead truly your own is how you make the text look, as well as what you include in addition. Factors that you can vary include:

  • The font: Be creative about this! There are hundreds of fonts available, some of which look very fancy, not to mention beautiful. Be sure you choose one that’s not too fancy, or it will look confusing.
  • The color of the type
  • The size of the type
  • Images that you include: This is the part where you really want to give considerable thought to your choice. You want to choose an image that truly reflects the kind of person that you are, what you like to do, what you value the most and so on. The image should also be presented in such a way that it harmonizes with the text. If you visit the webpage for our letterhead template, which is mentioned at the end of this article, you will see that the sample letterhead includes an image of a bird just above the address and in the same sky blue color as the text.

The personal letterhead template is available for free on this page. It is both customizable and easy to use and can be downloaded from right here. Many other kinds of letterheads are also available from Microsoft, including winter, holiday, traditional elegance and red design. Feel free to browse around and find the letterhead template that is right for you!

Download: Personal Letterhead

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