Holiday Greeting Card Template

Free Holiday Greeting Card Template

If you’re having trouble finding just the right box of cards to fit your multiple needs this holiday season, this holiday greeting card template is for you! Using a template can save you time and money while providing opportunities for variation and greater personalization. You won’t running back and forth to the store, or looking for places to store those extra cards where you’ll be able to find them next year. Instead, you can print out only the number of cards you need, as you need them.

The charming design and simple message of this holiday greeting card template makes it suitable for all of your holiday card lists: family, friends and co-workers. There is also plenty of space available to add personal notes onto each card. The Christmas tree graphic on the front of the card reflected in miniature on the back is a delightful added detail.

How to Use the Holiday Greeting Card Template

  • Simply click to download the template for free.
  • The card is ready to go – just print your festive greetings!
  • If you prefer, you can add your own personal touches to each card before printing as well (see “Tips” below).
  • Lastly, fold the paper in half to create the card, which will measure 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. (A9 size).


Tips for Using the Holiday Greeting Card Template

  • Add personalized text without handwriting it by enabling editing to the document. Then, click inside of an existing text box to begin typing additional text.
  • You can also add new text boxes anywhere on the card to add your own personal message.
  • This card has printing on both sides of the paper. Therefore, be sure to select double-sided printing in your printer preferences. If your printer doesn’t have this capability, just print the invitation onto two sheets and copy to double-sided.
  • The holiday greeting card template works with Avery 3251, 3265, 3378 and 8316 half-fold greeting card paper or their equivalents.
  • If you don’t use greeting card paper as listed above, use a 28 lb. or 32 lb. bond paper to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the opposite side.


Download: Holiday Greeting Card Template

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