Babysitter Schedule

Now you can plan out the perfect evening for your child by using the Babysitter Schedule for free. This template is the perfect itinerary for your babysitter to make sure your child has everything they need. It doesn’t matter whether your child needs to study hard for school or receive their medication; this template provides you with a convenient space to inform your babysitter. Not only can you lay out your child’s plans for the day, but you can also leave your babysitter with a variety of different emergency numbers as well. Enjoy your evening out by gaining the peace of mind only the Babysitter Schedule can provide.

How to Use the Babysitter Schedule

After downloading the Babysitter Schedule you will go from table to table, filling out the information required.

Start in the “For the Sitter” table at the top of your screen. This section was intended to give your babysitter your contact information as well as where you will be while you’re away. You can also give your babysitter estimated times for when you’ll be back.

The next table, “Routines,” is intended for listing the routine items of your child’s routine. These are common things your child needs throughout the day, such as meals, napping, snacks, bedtime, etc.

The “Activity Time” table is where you can include any intricate activities for your child needs. You can schedule sessions to do homework or watch a pre-selected movie. This is just a helpful way to make sure they enjoy themselves or catch up on schoolwork while you’re away.

The next section is for listing emergency information. You’ll want to include any contacts that you trust to help in case of an emergency, like friends or family.

The last section of the Babysitter Schedule is to include any notes that might make your baby sitter’s job a little easier. They may need to know key information about what they enjoy or when your child needs the most attention.

This template will allow you to rest easy knowing your sitter has all the necessary information.

Download: Babysitter Schedule

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