Babysitter Instruction Form

Babysitter Instruction Form

Finally, you have a way to inform your babysitter to your exact needs and wants when you leave your child home with them. The free Babysitter Instruction Form is the perfect schedule that allows you to enter your own schedule into it and have them follow your instructions exactly. The template starts off by giving you a space to enter contact information that they might need and then proceeds to an organized system of tables for scheduling food, play, and activities for your child while you are away. This template is simply the best way to give your babysitter the information they need so you can go out with the peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of. To try this free template today, just follow the guide given below.

Getting Started with the Babysitter Instruction Form

Downloading the free template is the first step you need to take to customize and make your own Babysitter Instruction Form.

After you have entered your contact information in the space at the very top of the page, go ahead and list the allergies and general information about your child that the babysitter needs to know.

The two tables to the right of the template allow you to enter the meal times and the dishes they are to eat. This makes scheduling snack and lunches super easy.

Further down the list are two tables for activities that are allowed and a separate section to list activities that are not allowed. This way, you know that your child is not doing something they shouldn’t be.

At the very bottom of the template sheet, there is a blank space to include any important notes that you feel should be left as well.

To print your final version of the Babysitter Instruction Form, scroll back to the top of the page and click “File” then “Print.”

Download: Babysitter Instruction Form

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