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When setting up a schedule for a babysitter there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Children, especially small children, have a regular schedule that they sleep, wake up, take a bath and eat their meals. To keep everything in order for a babysitter, Excel has a babysitter checklist.

This babysitter checklist can be downloaded for free. It has a schedule of times and a parent can write or type in the activities that take place during this time block. This way the babysitter known what to do and can help keep the child on their regular schedule.

Using the Babysitter Checklist

On the left side of the babysitter checklist are the schedule times. Each block is an hour starting at 7am and ending at 5pm. These times can be changed depending on the needs of the parents and when the child is going to need a sitter. Going across the top of this template and the activities and schedule that the babysitter should follow and keep track of. There are blocks for when the child should be fed and receive a snack.

If it is a baby a person is taking care of, there are scheduled times when the baby should have a bottle. This schedule also has things to remind the babysitter to get done. This includes having a child brush their teeth. The babysitter can record the number of times they changed the baby’s diapers and at what time the baby was changed. There is also a time for the child to have a bath.

The template includes times for activities and a place to record the number of minutes spent on each activity. This section is useful for parents that want to set limits for certain activities such as the amount of time a child spends watching television.

The entertainment section includes ideas such as outdoor play, books, and naptime. The checklist will allow a parent to keep track of what a babysitter is doing with the child and to make sure nothing is forgotten. This babysitter checklist can be downloaded for free right here.

Download: Babysitter Checklist

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