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Free Business Letter Template

Most businesses try to establish and maintain a professional image. Whenever a business has to communicate with another business, a client, or a government agency through the mail using a business letter format helps to create and maintain that image. Using a professional and customizable business letter template Word document helps to ensure that the professional image sought is attained. Understanding the proper use of a quality business letter template allows for the production of a professional business letter to to represent your business.

How to Use the Business Letter Template Word Document

  • Using the free, customizable business letter template available on this page and being sure to choose a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman, include your company name and address. If you are creating a printed letter, use letterhead. This can be on printed letterhead stock or digital letterhead.
  • Include the date of the letter, writing it out. Try to follow the style customary in the country of the person or business receiving the letter. If you don’t know, use the month first. Your business letter template will show you how to place it.
  • Add all the pertinent recipient information as per the business letter template. Include a reference number if appropriate.
  • Choose a salutation. Only use a first name if you have a personal relationship with the addressee. Do not use gender specific salutations unless you are certain of the gender of the recipient. Don’t forget a comma, unless using “To Whom it may Concern”, in which case a colon should be used.

Business Letter Template: Composing the Body of Your Letter

Your letter should be clear, concise, and professional. Conversational language should be avoided unless you know the recipient. This rule should only be broken if the style of your business is very informal and you feel that it would compromise the mission of your business to vary from from that style. If you cannot write professionally, you may need to hire someone who can. Be sure to use a professional closing for your letter, with both written and typed signature. Use block paragraphs.

Failing to be certain that your letter is error-free makes your business look unprofessional.

Download: Business Letter Template

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