Formal Business Letter Template

Free Formal Business Letter Template

Typing up a formal business letter can be a difficult task. Getting the format just right and making sure the spacing is correct, just takes a lot of time. Then there is the problem of trying to design it and make it look professional. One way around this is to use a Formal Business Letter Template.

A Formal Business Letter Template will allow the author to focus on the content of the letter, while at the same time making sure everything is perfect. Using a Business Letter Template will also save the author loads of time from figuring out the right format and design.

How to Use a Formal Business Letter Template

  • First, download the free template to your computer and save it.
  • The template is fully customizable and uses form fields to ensure proper spacing.
  • Begin by choosing the correct date from the date picker. The template will automatically convert the date to the proper format.
  • Then, type in the Sender’s Name, Company Name, and Address. The good part about this easy to use template is that it clearly identifies where each part goes.
  • Next, type in the recipient’s information. Again, the fully customizable template clearly identifies where specific information should go.
  • Now just add the salutation and begin typing the letter. The template makes the spacing and format as easy as possible.
  • When the body of the letter is finished, just add a closing and the author’s name and title at the bottom.
  • Fill in the company name at the right of the document.
  • Finally, sign the letter in ink and mail it.

Tips for a More Effective Formal Business Letter

  • Experiment with different styles for the Formal Business Letter Template by clicking on “Page Layout” and “Themes”. There are a multitude of options to match your company’s look.
  • Insert a formal Letterhead if your company has one or print the letter on Letterhead paper.
  • Stick to Calibri or Times New Roman fonts. These are considered the most formal.
  • Use high quality paper to print on. This will give the letter even more of a professional feel.

This Formal Business Letter Template will take the worry out of creating nice-looking and properly formatted business letters.

Download: Formal Business Letter Template

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