Moving Inventory Sheet

Free Moving Inventory Sheet

Moving to a new home is hectic. Trying to keep track of each of your individual items and ensuring their transport is an exhausting and time consuming task. While having things like an action plan will help reduce the confusion, another important aspect is ensuring that everything makes the move.

Organize the chaos and start taking a complete inventory as part of your pre-move planning. Tracking and documenting allows you to better organize related items into boxes and onto your truck. That organization beforehand will pay off when you’re unloading into your new house. A moving inventory sheet will be extremely useful to anyone getting ready to make a move.

Make Your Next Move Easier with a Moving Inventory Sheet

  1. Start by downloading the free and easy-to-use Moving Inventory Sheet here on this page.
  2. Open the file in Excel or other compatible spreadsheet application.
  3. Begin by entering all your personal information into the pertinent areas.
  4. Next, click your mouse over a particular room to filter to those entries.
  5. In the cells provided, enter a description for each item you own followed by other pertinent information such as, date of purchase, serial numbers (if applicable), manufacturer details, etc.
  6. Follow the same procedure for each room until all items are inventoried.

Tips for Using Your Moving Inventory Sheet

  • Modify the sheet in order to make it more useful towards your specific needs. Change the header information if you have different details you want to include. Add or delete columns; whatever it is if it works better for you, do it.
  • Carry the Moving Inventory Sheet around with you as you load and unload the truck. This will allow you to visually confirm each item in real time. It will also assist your memory just in case something slips your mind.
  • Use the information on your Moving Inventory Sheet to create an action plan for your move. This will provide better organization and will streamline your move. All this will simplify the process while ensuring everything makes the move.
  • Cross items off as you unload the truck to provide a visualization of your inventory.

Download: Moving Inventory Sheet

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