Teacher Resume Template

Free Teacher Resume Template

If you have a degree in education, this Teacher Resume Template that is available here for download is an easy way to get your resume finished quickly and have it look truly professional. It is free and works with software that is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003. Download it and follow along with this little guide to how to use it successfully.

How to Use the Teacher Resume Template

When you open the file in your Word 2003 compatible software, the first thing you can do is input your personal information in the top left corner of the page where it asks for your full name, your current address, and your contact information. On the left side of the document is an area to put quotes from individuals you have learned from or worked for before. On the right, in the Professional Profile, you can explain why you are a good candidate for the job that is available by giving them information about your education and experience.

Highlight the most relevant moments in your career to the job you are applying for in this area and talk about your abilities. The Education, Honors and Certification area is pretty self explanatory and after you have filled in that area, the Key Qualifications is another area where you provide information that is meant to show that you are the best candidate for the job. The Experienced Computer Educator can be changed, if needed, to fit the type of teaching that you have specialized in. Your Computer Skills are important to employers that utilize technology every day. The Teacher Resume Template is focused on a computer educator but you can customize it to fit any specialization to show off your personal skills where the Computer Skills area is.

The Employment section, follow by Professional Development in education, is where you can emphasize your personal experience in the Teacher Resume Template. Again, the next two areas, Corporate Computer Systems Management and Computer Related Training Positions can be changed to suit your area of expertise, or focus on child care related jobs in your past. The last step is to add your Professional Affiliations to the area provided. This can include any group that you are a part of.

The Teacher Resume Template is free to download and easy to use. Utilize it to score your next teaching job quickly and easily with a professional look.

Download: Teacher Resume Template

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One thought on “Teacher Resume Template

  1. Kristen Denney

    I am trying to download the teacher resume template with the quotations on the side and it will not let me. How can i get this template?

    Administrator Note:

    The download link has been updated and is now in DOC format. Enjoy!

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