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Free college graduate resume

A college graduate resume is very important when applying for a job. You will find available here a free customizable template. This template is easy to use and is available for download right here.

Using the College Graduate Resume Template

Before using this template, you should have ready previous employer information as well as any education background information you may have. It is important for employers to know what skills you possess. These skills could be put under your summary. Don’t forget to include any previous names that you have gone by so it is easy for employers to verify your information.

Tips for using this template:

  • Make sure that all the information you provide in your college graduate resume is accurate. In other words, don’t try to talk yourself up with lies because most employers will check to see if you’re telling the truth.
  • Depending on what you are applying for, emphasize the skills you possess that relate to this particular job.
  • It never hurts to put at least 2 references. This shows the employer that you are telling the truth about everything. It also gives them the chance to get to know you a bit more by collecting information through your references.


If you have any accomplishments that you are proud of, this is the time to provide them to your future employer in your college graduate resume. But be careful not to brag. Employers don’t want somebody who is full of themselves. Have a section that states “Accomplishments” or “Achievements” then list them with the year you received them, if that information is available. If you can’t remember the year, that’s no problem. They will be impressed about the accomplishments and it will show that you work hard. Include any organizations you have been apart of, such as volunteer work. Your employer will be impressed that you care about your community.

This template is especially helpful to those who don’t know how to properly make a college graduate resume on their own. This will ensure that you have a properly formatted resume. Some employers are selective as to what kind of resume impresses them. If you use this template, it will ensure that you have the proper college graduate resume to apply for the position you are looking for.

Download: College Graduate Resume

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