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Free Eviction Notice Template

As a landlord and homeowner it is important that you rent your household to reliable tenants who understand the importance of keeping up with their monthly payments. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch! Unfortunately, landlords often run into issues with their tenants and must get local law enforcement officials involved to help rectify the situation. At that point, a notice of eviction is given to the tenants to inform them that they are in breach of their original contract with their landlord and must evacuate the property.

Because this is a legal issue, it is important that the proper paperwork is used when dealing with eviction and local authorities. That is why it is important to download this free, easily customizable Eviction Notice Template if you are a homeowner seeking to evict a current tenant. This free Eviction Notice Template is downloadable here and will guarantee that you are clearly and professionally indicating to your tenant their current eviction status.

Using the Eviction Notice Template

The Eviction Notice Template clearly indicates that the tenant is receiving a “Notice of Eviction” immediately upon receiving the letter. The Eviction Notice Template goes on to indicate the name of the designated landlord, address, and phone number. Below the designation for the landlord of the property there is a designation for tenant to whom the eviction notice is being sent. You can fill in their name, address and phone number, as well.

Now that both parties have been outlined, these is an area for the “District Court Summary Ejectment Case Number.” This space is designated for the case number that the landlord received when filing a complaint against the tenant for breaching his/her contract. Finally, there is an area at the bottom of the template that designates when the eviction will take place or the parameters for the eviction to be overturned.

Legal Standard for Eviction

When filing an eviction with local authorities it is important that both parties, landlord and tenant, clearly understand why the eviction is taking place and when it is taking place. By downloading this Eviction Notice Template, you are taking the necessary steps to ensure a speedy and expedited legal process!

Download: Eviction Notice Template

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