Two Style Rent Receipt Template

Keeping track of tenants and their rent checks can be time-consuming. Sometimes mistakes happen and you have to look up checks from days long past! Don’t worry; the Two Style Rent Receipt Template is here to help with all that! Everything you need to file away is easily entered into this professional-looking template. You and your tenant can rest easy knowing that you have all the proper documentation in hand.

How to Use the Two Style Rent Receipt Template

You can get started as soon as you download the file below. You don’t have to worry about missing anything, all the information you need to know is listed on the receipt with multiple examples included.

You will begin on the “Settings” tab. This page is for setting up all of your business’s information on the main document. This way, you don’t have to continuously write down your contact information each time you want to make a new rent check receipt. The “Settings” page even lets you choose the color of the template to suit your business.

Once you have properly entered in your business’s contact information you can start to fill out a rent check receipt! This template provides two types of receipts to use. The “Rent Receipt” tab is for your own personal documentation. This will help you easily keep track of any previous rent information that may need to be provided at a later time. The “Rent Receipt with Slip” tab is designed for you to have two copies of the receipt for you and your tenant.

Simply select the template you want to use and begin filling out the bracketed information. The document provides helpful cutting lines for you to easily create neat individual receipts.

Why Use the Two Style Rent Receipt Template?

Having rent receipts is a helpful way to organize important information. It can also be a way to add a touch of professionalism to your business or organization. Rent is an important issue in life and you don’t want to be unprepared when a tenant has a question about a previous month’s rent. Get this Rent Receipt template and take charge of your financial information today!

Download: Two Style Rent Receipt Template

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