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Every attorney that goes into business for themselves always wants to make money. Microsoft’s new Legal Brochure Template may provide every legal angle that they may require to exceed all of their new client’s expectations. This new Legal Brochure Template would cover their business needs so that they may introduce their business into the community in a professional manner. This new Microsoft tool would allow the attorney to introduce the services that they may provide such as contract law, corporate law or other areas that they may specialize in at cost-saving rates.

This new Microsoft legal brochure template may be downloaded for free right to a person’s computer, it is easy-to-use, and any customer may customize the template as they desire.

How to Use Microsoft’s New Legal Brochure Template

  • Once the legal brochure template is downloaded to your home or office computer, you can begin to create their perfect tri-fold brochure to introduce themselves into the community.
  • A person or company may then insert their mission statement on one of the panels.
  • Next, add the name of their company or individual law firm.
  • Next, enter a recipient’s name and address.
  • Next, add the company’s name on another panel and the description of their services that they would like to offer the community or what areas of the legal field that they may specialize in.
  • Next, the company or individual attorney may add their very own company logo.

Some Resourceful Tips for Using This New Microsoft Legal Template

  • First, always make sure that the Microsoft Word is current and up-to-date on your home or office computer.
  • To make things a lot easier and less time consuming, an individual may save their mission statement, law firm address, recipient contact lists, company name and address, description and their company logo on their c:drive and their company logo or mark that they would like established in their community;


This new Microsoft Legal Template would be a great asset to have on someone’s home computer or their office computer that may want to go into business for themselves. This legal brochure template would make any legal assistant or legal secretary’s job much easier in instances such as new law partners being added to the company, if the mission statement needed to be revised, or the recipient’s contact lists needed to be updated or merged due to a new partnership, etc. Microsoft always makes things a lot easier and this new template is time saving, cost efficient and creative. What more could a person ask for?

Download: Legal Brochure Template

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