Cash Receipt Template

Cash Receipt Template Free

Because a petty cash receipt is typically for internal accounting only, it doesn’t have to be fancy. But if you have ever needed to do a reconciliation of your petty cash box in a hurry, you know that trying to decipher each of the different sized vendor receipts can be frustrating. You appreciate a standard form with the information clearly listed and quickly found. There is just that standard form in a free downloadable petty cash receipt template. The form on the cash receipt template comes three to a page that you download, print out and cut apart.

How to Use the Petty Cash Receipt Template

When an employee comes to you with a request for money, you start the petty cash voucher with the cash receipt template. You list the date, the voucher number and the amount you have handed the employee. The employee lets you know what the money is needed for and you write that on the voucher. All authorizing signatures should be obtained before releasing money. As you hand over the money, have the employee sign the voucher.

When the employee returns with the receipt from the store, verify the date of the receipt and determine the total money spent on the item. Mark through the amount of the advance you originally gave to the employee, and enter the actual amount from the vendor receipt. Put the returned change into the box. Staple the vendor receipt to the back of the petty cash receipt form, and leave it in the box until the fund is reconciled.

Reconciling the Petty Cash Fund with the Cash Receipt Template

At the end of a cycle, or when the fund is getting low, gather all the vouchers and enter to your accounting program. Replace the expended money, and make sure all is in balance. Replaced money should equal total of the receipts. That plus the money remaining in the box should equal fund amount. Remove all reconciled items from the box, and start a new cycle. Go to the downloadable template location and print out another petty cash receipt template. Using the free downloadable petty cash receipt template gives consistency to your petty cash reporting.

Download: Cash Receipt Template

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