Petty Cash Log

Keeping track of business events, trips, meetings, and everything else that could involve petty cash can be difficult, especially when multiple employees are tasked with the job. The Petty Cash Log is the perfect way to keep track and monitor all the loose change of your business and make sure you don’t waste a dime. Too often cash is lost, either by miscalculation or other errors and the only way to keep track of it all is through great organization. The free document is available with just the click of a button so if you’re ready to start saving money and stop losing it, then read the guide provided below.

Petty Cash Log Guide

Downloading the free template is simple, just click the link at the bottom of this page to get started on your journey to saving more money.
The next step will be entering your items. To best understand how the template file works, we will use an example. Let’s say you have a few workers that stayed late to help out with a few things. To reward them, you want to purchase movie tickets.

You would start by entering the date and the receipt number for depositing and withdrawing money from your account. In this case, we will say this template is for tracking your “Miscellaneous Account.” The amount you enter in the “Deposited” section will be the amount that is in the account and anything you enter in the “Withdrawn” column will take away from that figure.

In this example, you spent “$18.53” on the movie passes. The template will show you the amount remaining in the account at the top of the template, in the “Balance” section.

Next, you can list the account name you are withdrawing from, our example was the “Miscellaneous Account.” Finally, you will enter the people that received the money and who approved the transaction, such as an owner, manager, or supervisor.

Keeping track of petty cash is simple with the Petty Cash Log.

Download: Petty Cash Log

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