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Most businesses have a petty cash pile; a certain amount used for day-to-day expenses that crop up. Making change for purchases, picking up additional necessities, and similar things all fall under petty cash. However, despite the name, petty cash is far from unimportant; like any other business expense it has to be tracked and accounted for. That is what makes it so important to have a petty cash log that everyone can use and which can be kept up to date with relatively little effort.

Downloading the Free Petty Cash Log

There’s no reason to pay a lot of money for brand new software that can keep track of a simple petty cash transaction run. All one needs is a petty cash log that uses a basic program that everyone has access to. Fortunately, for those looking for their own log, we have a simple to use and free to download petty cash log that runs on Microsoft Excel. All a business owner has to do is download it, and then start filling in the blanks.

How Does the Petty Cash Log Work?

This petty cash log is actually a pretty simple thing to use. All one has to do is download the sheet, and save it on their computer. To start a new sheet simply open up the page, and click Save As. Pick something simple to categorize, like the date, and then save the sheet in a file for petty cash records. Once that’s done someone is free to fill out all of the blanks in the sheet to bring it up to date.

Typically this is done as part of the opening up procedure for the day, which means that the starting cash should be there, along with the date. Employees keep track of transactions throughout the day, and then when closing time comes around there will be a full record of what went into the petty cash, and what was taken out of it. It isn’t a hard thing to do, but when a business has no system for it the record keeping can be a nightmare unlike practically anything else.

Download: Petty Cash Log

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