Training Cost and ROI Calculator

Training Cost and ROI Calculator


One of the best tools a company or organization can use is training. The use of this cost analysis and ROI training calculator to measure the benefits gained over a selected period of time for any investment in training programs for justification of an investment that has been planned or evaluation for the goal return can become a simpler task.

Automatic calculation of cost and returns of two of more investment training options saves time and allows an increase in productivity and results!

Information is entered into the first two worksheets for automatic calculation of return of investments. Total savings, break down points and best training value calculations are automatized after information is entered into the first two worksheets. Comparing cost-effectiveness can also become a faster task.

Using a Training Cost and ROI Calculator

Two types of information are required to complete the task fast and efficiently. Text and numerical value information is entered into two separate color coded cells. The cells in this excel temple-tool are easier to use.

Every step that should be taken to gain the maximum results is easy to understand! A short description or name is entered into the template’s cell that has been labeled. After this first step has been taken, all the data and information in text or numerical value are entered in to each appropriate cell. The instructions for the use of the calculator are written to maximize the user experience and gain maximum results.

Knowing all accurate performance changes and making comparisons to keep training goals on target can become faster, easier and better. Measuring and forecasting the costs to develop or design a variety of programs such as, coaching lectures and events, study materials, classroom sessions and much more can become simpler using this template.


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