Free Expense Claims Excel Template

Expense Claims Excel Template

Expense reports are an unavoidable part of the business world. Failure to properly fill out these reports could lead to major issues within a company down the road. An expense claims Excel template is the perfect solution to avoid any potential problems. The template is designed to account for any expense that may be incurred during business-related trips, functions or activities.

The template has ample space for several days’ worth of costs and expenses. Since it’s an Excel template, space can always be added or removed as part of the customization process. In addition, the template can be altered to fit the needs of your specific company.Expense Claims Excel Template

Using the Expense Claims Excel Template

The top of the expense claims form is reserved for personal information. The subject lines include:

  • Purpose
  • Statement Number
  • Pay Period
  • Employee Name
  • Department
  • Employee Position
  • Employee’s Manager
  • Employee’s Social Security Number
  • Employee’s Identification Number


There is also a space at reserved at the top for the office manager to input any other important or relevant information.

The middle section of the report is reserved for the actual expenses themselves. You can begin filling out the report by marking the date the expense was incurred and the account number on which it was place. The next section is dedicated to providing a brief description of the expense. There are seven columns that sit next to the description. The columns are so that you can mark expenses for hotel costs, transportation costs, fuel costs, meals, phone costs, entertainment costs and miscellaneous costs.

The best feature about this template is that it will calculate all the costs automatically. So long as the information is properly put into the template, the cumulative total will be revealed in the final column. The subtotal and total will also be displayed near the bottom of the template.

Finally, there is a space where a supervisor can approve and sign off on the expenses, and an area to make any notes that may be necessary. The template will quickly and easily remove any of the guesswork that comes with filling out a traditional expense claims report.

Download: Expense Claims Excel Template

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