Cleaning Business Recommendation Template

A good way to tell if any business will be reliable and provide quality goods or services is by reading reviews. This can be a bit of a challenge for smaller companies looking to expand their clientele. The Cleaning Business Recommendation Template can help you show new clients they praise and adoration you have received from former happy customers. The template works as a personalized letter of recommendation you or your close clients can write out as a way to introduce new customers to your business. This personal touch is sure to win over anyone.

How to Use the Cleaning Business Recommendation Template

After you have downloaded the template to your computer, open the simple Word document.

The template lists your business address and other important information in the top left corner of the page. Go ahead and enter all the bolded information with your own.

Next, go down to the main body of the document. The text is pretty casual and conveys that you are a hard working business that provides quality cleaning work.

However, you can easily change this information to be more personal. Add things that are particular to your business philosophy and show your possible customers how you outshine the competition.

Remember to keep the lines in the text so your current customers have a place to sign their name, verifying that your claims are true. Once you have the document you completed, you just print them out and have your happy customer read and sign the document.

Now you have a more personal way of showing new clients the quality of your work.

Reasons to Use the Cleaning Business Recommendation Template

  1. Formatted professionally
  2. Everything you need on one page
  3. Highlights items you need to change

Download: Cleaning Business Recommendation Template

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