Spring Cleaning Schedule

Having a way to keep your business clean for spring is an important call to action when it comes to your place of business. You need a way to organize your team so they make sure to cover every inch of the store. Through the year, there are so many places in a building that get neglected that the dust and dirt continue to pile up around you. The Spring Cleaning Schedule provides you with a way to list all the items you want covered in your store and tells your employees exactly what to do. Now you can take delight in that seasonal deep clean by downloading the free Cleaning Schedule today.

Spring Cleaning Schedule Instructions

You will first need to click the link at the bottom of this page to download the free template to your computer.

Enter the date and the area that needs to be cleaned in the top-left corner of the page.

Next, enter the items that need to be cleaned within your store. The template gives you a few examples for each category but you can easily change these simply by highlighting the text and writing something new.

You can also enter any items you think will be necessary to complete the task. These can include any protective gear (gloves, aprons, etc.) as well as cleaning supplies in the indicated columns.

There is also a small section where you can write the frequency of which these items need to be cleaned. The “Frequency” column provides your employees with a helpful visual as well.

Simply enter the days the corresponding task needs to be performed. When your employees complete a task have them sign their name in the “Signature” column of the document.

Best Features of the Spring Cleaning Schedule

    • Colored frequency chart
    • Add protective gear and cleaning supplies needed
    • Printable

Download: Spring Cleaning Schedule

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