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Free Valentine Postcards

This year you can give Valentine postcards to all your friends without having to spend a dime. Available for download here is a set of them you can use for free. You can even customize them any way you like and make personal and professional Valentine postcards. Here is a short introduction to how to use this file and a couple tips so you can do more with them.

How to Use the Valentine Postcards Template

When you download and open the file, Microsoft Word 2003, or any software that may be compatible with it, will execute the file and show you your cards. They are ready to go as they are. You can simply press ctrl+p and print out as many as you need. After you print them out, you can add personal notes to them and sign your name. If you would like to make the cards say different things, read on.

Tips on Using the Valentine Postcards Template

If you would like to change the saying, simply click the text you would like to change. Delete what the card says and choose your text, size, and spacing. They are big enough that you could write a short message to each person individually. You could also utilize the space on the back of the card to say either the same thing on both sides, or two different things altogether. If you have any different pictures you would like to add to them, you could easily do that as well.

It is even possible to re-size the card to a full page for a much longer message. If you were to delete the message altogether and size it down to what an envelope is, it would make great artwork for mail you are sending a loved on for the holiday. Printing the post cards on a higher quality paper so they really look good.

Enjoy your free and easy to use download of these Valentine postcards you can edit and make your own. They are a quick and easy way to save some money. Have fun making your own cards and envelope designs with a little help from us.

Download: Valentine Postcards

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