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Preparing for a new academic year is equally important to students and teachers. Professors must have a series of lesson plans available to educate and provide the necessary background information and guidance in order for students to be engaged in their classes. Students, in turn, must also create an academic agenda to appropriately plan for upcoming assignments and projects that are due throughout the semester. An Excel academic calendar template can assist teachers and students with planning ahead and staying organized throughout the school year.

The Free Excel Academic Calendar

Downloading your Excel academic calendar template is super convenient and can be done right on this page. Getting organized and preparing for a new school year has never been easier or faster than with this free download. The calendar can be customized to include adequate information for all classes and assignments, including due dates and status reports.

Studies have consistently shown that students that proactively review their coursework and stay on top of assignments not only do well in school but exhibit fewer signs of anxiety and stress than their less organized peers. Teachers and professors are also able to quickly present a syllabus and academic calendar to auditors, parents, and other classroom visitors when they are well organized and fully prepared for the teaching experience.

Improving the Classroom Experience with the Excel Academic Calendar

Whether students indulge in classes online or at a physical campus, they should make the most out of each classroom experience. Being prepared requires completing assignments on time, taking relevant notes, and participating in classroom discussions. This may include class discussions in person or via weekly internet posts. Regardless of the type of communication students have with one another and the teacher, the discussions all count toward the overall grade for a particular class. 

Because there are many other components to earning an acceptable grade for classes, students must ensure that they are excelling in every area of the course. Teachers and professors can assist their students by providing all the necessary information and directing them to all the resources they are able to use to reach their goals. An academic calendar is a great tool for this purpose because it can include: 

  • Specific Assignment Instructions
  • Project Due Dates
  • Additional Class Information
  • Relevant Notes and Reminders

Download: ExcelTemplates-2019-2020-Academic Calendar

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