UBD Lesson Plan Template

Screenshot of the UBD Lesson Plan Template

Before using the UBD lesson plan template, it’s important to know exactly what it is. The term UBD stands for understanding by design. It is a platform that has been developed to teach learning through understanding. The thought process is that by looking at the end or the outcome of something the learning experience a curriculum can be developed that will produce the best results.

Creators of the UBD Lesson Plan Template

The team of Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe created the initial concept in 1998. The course is suitable for K thru 12. Since its inception, over 250,000 educators own a copy of the book, and it is a part of the curriculum in over 150 university campuses across the country.

Part of the core components of this theory is the fact that essential questions are the key, and they are supposed to provoke a response that causes the learner to come to their conclusion through a series of other questions, that stimulate dialog and conversation.

They should not be written in a manner that allows the learner to answer the question in one final statement. It should cause a chain reaction that will lead to more questions, and require further investigation.Screenshot of the UBD Lesson Plan Template

Concept of the UBD Lesson Plan Template

The UBD concept is the support network for creating curriculums that immerse the student into the depth of the learning experience. This is seen through the information presented. The student receives a deeper understanding of what they are learning.

The hope is that with the application of the UBD lesson plan a student will be able to grasp the six components behind the concept. These components include the ability to explain what they have learned, the insight to interpret the meaning of it all, and the skill to apply it.

This leads to the development of personal perspective, which in turn inspires the heart to express empathy, and finally, the realization of self-knowledge in regards to the content. Classroom learning traditionally, was based on the concept of take the information and create the curriculum by structuring the elements around it.

The problem with that approach is it can result in a hit or miss response. The educator has no way of knowing exactly what the student has learned. The UBD concept is based on what is referred to as ”backward planning” or “backward design.” Using this approach the educator looks at the goal and tailors the curriculum to meet that goal.

The UBD lesson plan template is based on 3 distinct parts. The first part is teacher centered because it is here that decisions about the goals are defined. The planned activities and structure is discussed. Teachers will state what they feel the students should comprehend and grasp.

The second part of the UBD lesson plan sets up the criteria by which the students will be measured. It is the responsibility of the assessors to make sure that the tasks will give the students enough information, experience, and opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the content.

Lastly, the third part actually maps out all of the reading, exercises and tests that will guarantee that the students will reach the desired goal. The educators should leave enough room for there to be plenty of student/teacher interaction and the overall plan should incorporate the idea of, “teaching for understanding.” If it is successful, it will be evident in all aspects of the program.

Download: UBD Lesson Plan Template

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