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Art Lesson Plan Template from

Teachers all understand the value of establishing a schedule for each educational endeavor planned for their students. The written plan is easier to follow and restructure should changes be needed. It also sets a clear path for a more balanced and thorough approach to the teaching process. Any blaringly apparent elements that are missing from the education plan can be more readily spotted and corrected when an art lesson plan template is utilized.

Why Use An Art Lesson Plan Template?

One of the benefits of using a lesson plan template is that it gives the teacher the ability to create a progressive guideline leading from the development of elementary skills to more complex skills. Each well planned lesson can build skill levels. The template can even be applied to individuals allowing each student to advance at his or her own pace. Because the template is merely a guideline, the flexibility exists to allow faster or slower movement through the course.

Yet another benefit is the structure that exists in the art lesson plan template, which encourages an orderly development of skill and technique. Every art teacher is well aware of the intense study, practice and trial and error that go into honing artistic talent. Because of the use of tools, each tool’s use must be mastered and their application must be learned. Learning the best use of paint is one skill that is marked by grasping successful use of technique.

If one uses tempera paint with is fast drying and multiple layering characteristics, it’s imperative that it be used where it is most likely to have an effective purpose, as in the painting of posters. Oil paint versus acrylic is another area where know how is essential. Just like oil paints are best used in the execution of works of art that allow for slow drying time and require more vivid colors when complete. Acrylics dry much faster and are less expensive to purchase. They do however tend to dry darker. As a teacher giving your students an opportunity to get familiar with the tools of the trade you should also helps them develop a level of expertise that will make them masters of their craft.

The Best Way to Use an Art Lesson Plan Template

Art Lesson Plan Template from

Start with the easiest tools and the least expensive tools for the area of art you’ve chosen to teach. The plan should progress to slightly more difficult versions of the same type of art, especially for students who grasp the art form quickly. Add variety based on your classes overall ability to master the techniques presented. Increase difficulty slightly within the same level for each quarter or semester of class.

By using the Art Lesson Plan Template, teachers will provide an orderly learning experience for their students making it easy for the students to learn at a reasonable pace. The template is there to keep each lesson plan within predetermined guidelines. By providing this template to the teaching staff, students are insured to have the most consistent learning experience across the entire spectrum of courses the school provides.

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