Student ID Card Template

Student ID Card Template

Especially in the times we all live in, having the proper identification on your person whenever in public is extremely important. This becomes even more important for children and teenagers who are attending school. Ensuring that kids and young adults have identification on them at all times is not guaranteed, but you can at least provide them with a card by using a student ID card template.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can provide an ID card to anyone and everyone who attends your school or learning facility. This template can also be beneficial to those who may have lost or otherwise misplaced their card. They can simply create a new one without going into a panic over what has already been lost. Another added benefit is that the student ID card template can be downloaded instantly on this page for free.

Making an Identification Card with the Student ID Card Template

Making an identification card with the student ID card template is a quick and painless process. First, input the name of the school or learning institution. Next, add the street address of the school, followed by the city, state and zip code where the school is located. The next section is reserved for an emergency contact. Enter the name and phone number of the person or persons that should be contacted in the unfortunate event that an emergency takes place.

Once the basic information has been input in the student ID card template, it’s time to add the name of the student and the identification number by which the school recognizes student. A current picture of the student will then be added. Finally, the student will sign the card to verify that all the proper contact information is correct.

Because the student ID maker comes in the form of an Excel template, the actual card can be customized to your liking. The school’s colors, mascot or logo can easily be added to the card with a few clicks. Once the card meets your specifications and is complete, simply print it off give it to the student.

Download: Student ID Card Template

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