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When educating young students, it is important to reinforce their best efforts in order to encourage them to continue learning and thriving. School award certificates are a great way to recognize your students for their hard work, and to give them a memento to treasure and share with family and friends.

The customization of the school award certificates offered in this template allows you to personalize a professional looking document with your student’s name and accomplishment. The finished product will make it look as though you spent hours designing it, when in fact it is quick and easy to use.

How to Use the School Award Certificates Template

  • First, fill in the name of your school at the top. Be sure to include this information, as it will allow the student to remember where they achieved their success.
  • Next, fill in the section introducing the student and his/her accomplishment. A phrase such as “recognizing the contribution of” or “honoring the success of” will segue nicely into the student’s name and achievement.
  • Finally, complete the sections with the student’s name and accomplishment. Be sure to use the student’s full, given name. Also, check to make sure that all of the sections read well together and make edits where needed.

Tips for Using the School Award Certificates Template

  • Within word, you can customize the fonts and colors to further personalize the document for each student.
  • Save each document after designing it. In the event that the printed document is damaged or lost, you will be able to provide the student and his/her family with an additional copy.
  • Modify the signature line as needed. If you are classroom teacher wanting to reward your students with school award certificates, simply change the text beneath the signature line to reflect your title. Bus drivers, cafeteria monitors and tutors can also use this template to reward students for their good efforts.

It is important to reward students for their hard work and efforts in order to encourage them to continue learning. Use the School Award Certificates template to provide meaningful encouragement to your students in a fast and easy way.

Download: School Award Certificates

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