Math Multiplication Tables

Free Math Multiplication Tables

Learning to compute basic math facts is an essential skill for elementary level math students. This math multiplication tables template will help you to quickly customize an easy-to-use fact chart that your students can access to answer basic math algorithms in isolation or within long division and multiplication problems. 

Customized multiplication tables will allow your students to independently approach math algorithms and word problems, and solve with confidence and success. The template is fast and easy to use, and creates the perfect study tool for both home and school.

How to Use the Math Multiplication Tables Template

  • First, customize the title of the chart to reflect what you would like it to say. “Multiplication Table” is the standard title if you choose not to change this.
  • Next, add or delete rows as needed to customize the chart to your students’ needs. You can remove rows to make the chart smaller if the student is only focusing on single digit factors, or insert rows if the student should know larger facts.
  • Finally, highlight any rows or columns on the math multiplication tables template to emphasize facts for your students that you want them to attend to. By default, the doubles facts are highlighted.

Tips for Using the Math Multiplication Tables Template

  • To customize the chart further, you can change the font style, color and size. You can alter the look of the title as well as the numbers within the chart.
  • Personalize the chart by typing each student’s name into the title slot. You could also choose to come up with a title reflecting the teacher’s name or the classroom number that can be distributed to all of the students.
  • Be sure to save copies of the completed math multiplication tables templates. If students lose or damage their copies, you will be able to easily provide another printout of their customized chart.

Emerging math students require tools and strategies to help them learn how to solve problems. This math multiplication tables template allows you to quickly and easily create customizable charts that your students will enjoy using both at home and at school.

Download: Math Multiplication Tables

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