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One of the most difficult things for a student to comprehend is the concept of math. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, algebra, calculus and other theories can seem overwhelming. For a teacher this means trying to find ways to make the subject interesting by starting out with simple problems and then advancing to ones that are more difficult. One tool they have found especially effective is a Math Checker Template.

About the Math Checker Template

  • it is constructed on the principle of checkers or similar games
  • It is available free on this page
  • It can be customized to fit classroom needs

These templates are designed by experts in the educational field. They are based on the principle of teaching children mathematics in a fun way, principally with games. There are a number of different types of math checker templates available.

Advantages of a Math Checker Template

  • Grabs students attention to the game
  • Can be used for all math operations
  • Is available for any particular grade
  • Is tailored to assist students having problems with mathematics
  • Can be modified to meet the classroom needs

Special Uses of a Math Checker Template

  • After using the template, it is possible for teachers to design ones to fit their student’s needs.
  • When the copied and put in a clear sheet protector, it can be used repeatedly with the use of dry-erase markers.
  • A transparency copy can be made for an overhead projector.
  • The templates can be put in a special binder for ready reference.
  • It is an excellent way to form small groups for special instruction.
  • Every student is actively involved, which makes them accountable for math advancement.

The Math Checker Template is an excellent tool for a teacher, especially in lower classes. Using this method allows the teacher to walk around the room and provide any individual help where it is needed. It also works as a guideline and shows which part of the math program needs concentration for a complete understanding of the subject.

Download: Math Checker

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