Multiplication Table Chart

Free Multiplication Table Chart

On average, simple multiplication is taught in third and fourth grade. One of the ways children are taught multiplication is by showing them the multiplication table. Parents who want to give their third or fourth graders a head start can download a free multiplication table chart off this page.

Parents can choose to keep it on the computer and edit it as they please, or they can print it out for their children to take with them to school. Teachers will also find this template handy, as they will be able to save money on school supplies by not having to worry about buying replacements.

How to Use the Multiplication Table Chart

  • First, download the template for free on this page by clicking the download button.
  • Once the multiplication table chart has been downloaded, open it. In order to open the file, the user must have Microsoft Excel.
  • Once the file has been opened in Excel, either save it to a different location or print it out. Although the file is completely customizable, it is not necessary to customize it right away. As the children advance their multiplication skills, more columns and rows can easily be added.

Tips for Using the Multiplication Table Chart

  • The template contains the multiples for numbers zero through ten. The squares of each number are highlighted in blue.
  • To teach a child how to use the table, have her place one of her index fingers on a number in the highest row and the other index finger on a number in the column farthest to the left. Then have her drag both fingers across the column or row until they meet. The box the fingers meet in will be the product of the two numbers her fingers started out on. Continue this with all of the numbers.
  • Although the chart only goes up to multiples of ten, once the template is downloaded it can be customized to account for multiples of any number. The color scheme and background can also easily be changed.

This multiplication table chart is simple, free, customizable and necessary for young elementary school children.

Download: Multiplication Table Chart

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