Timesheets for Employees

Free Timesheets for Employees

Making sure you always have enough timesheets for employees on hand has been a daunting task in the past. But now, you can have fresh timesheets for employees right at your fingertips with the Microsoft employee timesheet template here at ExcelTemplates.net. This timesheet template can be downloaded instantly and is available at absolutely no charge right here on this page.

Whether you prefer to save the template on your computer or return to this page to print copies when you need them, free timesheets for employees are now available whenever you need them!

Using the Microsoft Timesheets for Employees

The timesheets are exceptionally straightforward and easy-to-understand Microsoft Word documents. No matter your individual needs, all aspects of the timesheets for employees are customizable. From the font to the color scheme and more, the timesheets for employees can be completely tailored to better reflect your business.

The first step in filling in the timesheets for employees is adding your company’s name to the top left hand corner of the document, followed by the street address, city, state, zip code, phone number and fax number. Once complete, add the employee’s name, title, identification number, status, department and supervisor to the timesheets for employees.

Next, you can begin filling in the body of the timesheets for employees. Here, you will keep track of the following:

  • Date Worked
  • Shift Start Time
  • Shift End Time
  • Regular Hours Worked
  • Overtime Hours Worked
  • Total Hours Worked

Once all the hours for a given work period are tabulated, you will place the numbers in the “Weekly Totals” section.

The final step in filling in these timesheets for employees is adding the date and signature of BOTH the employee and the supervisor. Signatures will ensure that all hours have been documented and accurate paychecks will be dispersed. If there is ever a discrepancy later on, simply refer back to these timesheets for employees to clear them up.

Print Copies of the Microsoft Timesheets for Employees Today

Companies have a lot of expenses, but you won’t spend a time tracking hours again with these timesheets for employees. You can download, save and print the Microsoft timesheets for employees for free, courtesy of ExcelTemplates.net.

So start saving both precious time and money with these free and instantly downloadable timesheets for employees today!

Download: Timesheets for Employees

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