Printable Blank Scorecards for Baseball

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Since the mid-1800s, Americans have been playing, watching and enjoying the game of baseball. While “America’s Pastime” has exploded in popularity and truly become a global game, tracking the action remains universally the same. Printable blank scorecards for baseball can help you follow the game you love the same way other fans have for more than a century.

Using Printable Blank Scorecards for Baseball

Though printable blank scorecards for baseball may vary in appearance, their basic functions are all the same. At the top of our printable blank scorecards for baseball you will begin by filling in the team’s name. Next, add the opponent, where the game is being played, who the umpire is, and the date of the game. You can also write in when the first pitch of the game was. Later, you can put when the game ended to determine the “Time of Game.”Printable Blank Scorecards for Baseball

Once the basic information has been written, it’s time to move on to the lineup. There are more than enough slots to add the 1-9 hitters. The additional spots are for if there are pinch-hitters or other substitutions during the game. While filling in the player’s name, also add their number and position.

Next to each hitter will be a baseball diamond and small boxes for balls and strikes. This is the area where you will keep track of offensive stats for each individual hitter. There are enough boxers for each hitter to cover a 10-inning game. You can also total the number of at-bats, runs, hits and runs batted in for each individual player.

After the lineup has been added, you next will add the starting pitcher to the bottom of the sheet. Here, you can keep track of the innings pitched, the number of hits, runs and earned runs allowed, walks issued and batters struck out. There are also slots for relief pitchers that may enter the game.

Below the pitching stats is an area for the line score. This area is simply for totaling the number of runs scored at the end of each inning. Below the line score is a spot for the official game scorer to sign. This baseball scorecard is just one of hundreds of complimentary scorecards, templates, calculators and spreadsheets available on our site.

Download: Printable Blank Scorecards for Baseball

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