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The presidential election is the single most important event in US politics. Since it only happens once every four years, voters must take it seriously and educate themselves in order to make good decisions. Although being informed is especially important prior to the election, it is just as crucial during and after. One way to keep informed around election time is to track the results using an Election tracker. Keeping track of the results will allow you to stay current with politics without the headache.

How to Use the Election Tracker

  1. Using it is simple, to begin, download the free Excel document located on this page.
  2. Next, open Excel, navigate to where you saved the file, and open it.
  3. You’re done! The file should load and the app itself will be displayed in Excel. The Election Tracker automatically updates because it is connected to real time data. You can check it as often as you want for the correct, up-to-date data.

Election Tracker Tips

  • The election tracker not only updates with real time data, it also includes popular polling and predictions, you can use this to give you a rough idea of how the election might turn out.
  • Remember that the president is not elected based on popular vote. The popular vote decides if a state votes Democrat or Republican, and the result of that decides where the Electoral College votes go. The Electoral College is ultimately what elects the president, and every state has a different number of electoral college votes.
  • You can switch between the presidential election and the senate race by clicking the corresponding buttons on the top of the file.
  • If you are unsure about the policies of a presidential candidate, you can check them on the candidate‚Äôs official website. Make sure when searching for the website, you only visit the .gov domains for accurate information.


The election tracker is a powerful tool and will help anyone looking to stay current with the election. There are a number of features, all customizable for your perfect experience. When looking to stay updated, there is no better choice.

Download: Election Tracker

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