Party Nominee Polling Organizer

The Party Nominee Polling Organizer can help you map out who the most likely candidate for your party will be. This template can help you keep track of the latest polls of both the Republican and Democratic candidates running for office this year. One of the most important events in our nation’s history is about to occur then you want to stay well-informed on the recent polling figures. This template can help you accomplish this goal and much more. You can track every state through the entire election until one candidate becomes the next president of the United Sates.

Party Nominee Polling Organizer

The first step is to download the Nominee Polling template to your computer by clicking on the link located at the bottom of this page.

Next, provide the State’s postal letters and the county of that state in the gray and orange columns. The yellow column is intended for the FIPS code for that state. You don’t have to enter the FIPS code but it will definitely help you look up recent polling numbers more efficiently later.

This will allow you to easily organize the important information you enter next.

The green and blue columns to the right of the Nominee Polling template are intended for the two main candidates in the race and their voting percentages to the right of their names.
Replace the “Candidate 1” and “Candidate 2” headers with the actual names of the main candidates.

Now you are free to start entering the most recent figures from each state’s election. You can easily find the number of votes that candidate won and the percentage of votes overall. This will give you a better understanding of how well a candidate is doing over another for every state.

The presidential elections are one of the most important recurring events in our country and the person that takes the office will represent a set of values and viewpoints that you need to know. This Nominee Polling template will not only help you keep track of all this data but also predict who the next president will be.

Download: Party Nominee Polling Organizer

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