Scope Change Request Form

In business, sometimes the nature of the project or operation changes. To continue on with the current scope at that point would be financial suicide. For that reason, there are management tools like the scope change request form that allows for the project or operations scope to be changed, and then signed off by all the necessary stakeholders.

Using the Scope Change Request Form

This is a great way to provide a new direction to the operations and project while still keeping organized. To use this first you have to determine the scope of the project by determining who the stakeholders who are affected by this scope change, resources and budgeting affected, and other projects affected.

The scope change request form has a few basic sections. First, one must determine the new scope, and with that the means to drive this new project scope in terms of resources, as well as why to change in the first place. Next in the form is an analysis of the impact of the change. First, the effect on the project at hand must be analyzed, as well as its benefits as opposed to keeping the current scope.

Another important section to include would be the implications of not changing the scope, which should be honest and avoid doom and gloom predictions as it will make the form less likely to be approved. A new budget should be drawn to accurately account for the costs of this new scope. Finally, include a section about the impact on the budget. This can be listed either as a CPI calculation or a comparison of the current budget to the proposed budget for the new scope. At the end, leave space for comments and a place for stakeholders to sign.

Customizing the Scope Change Request Form

One can go about making their own scope change request form, or use a template that plugs right into Microsoft Excel. These forms are customizable so sections that you feel hold no relevance don’t have to linger and compromise the aesthetics. You can even customize the positions and names of the stakeholders so they know exactly where to sign when they receive the printed document. Besides reminding the user of all the necessary areas to keep in mind to propose a scope change, it is easy to use even for a beginning Excel user. While many templates of this quality come in expensive packages of executive tools, you can get your free scope change request form for free on this website.

Download: Scope Change Request Form

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