Customer Satisfaction Template

The Customer Satisfaction Template

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in ensuring that once someone has done business with you they will come back again. Having a plan on how to determine the current level of satisfaction among your customers, and how to improve it, is critical to running a successful business. Unhappy customers will quickly find another business to fulfill their needs. Using the Customer Satisfaction Template on this page will help you to establish your customer satisfaction goals, the critical areas that need to be addressed, and identify concrete steps you should take to accomplish them.

How to Use the Customer Satisfaction Template

The free, downloadable customer satisfaction template on this page can be customized for your business and customer base. To use it, follow these simple steps:

  • In the first level of the template, enter the primary goal that you wish to accomplish. This can be as general or specific as you wish. Specific goals are better, since it’s easier to determine the factors they depend on and steps needed to accomplish them.
  • In the second level of the template, enter the factors on which the main goal depends. For example, if the main goal is measuring current customer satisfaction then the factors could include:

Product quality
Employee courtesy/Customer support
Product cost

  • In the third level of the template enter the tasks that will be performed to evaluate or accomplish each factor in the second level. Using the second level entry of product quality from the example above, here are tasks that could be entered:

Comparison of warranties or guarantees offered by similar products
Comparison of product specifications to see if similar products have more desirable features
Look for reviews of the product

Tips for Using the Customer Satisfaction Template

  • As your business grows the things people like and dislike about your product or services can change. Use the customer satisfaction template to review how you are measuring and improving customer satisfaction and update it as things change.
  • Make specific goals, and have one template for each goal. Having one general goal with one template can be overwhelming.
  • Use the customer satisfaction template to track your progress. Checking off tasks in the third level will help to make sure you are moving towards accomplishing your goals.


Download: Customer Satisfaction Template

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