Customer Service Survey Template

Free Customer Service Survey Template

Customer satisfaction through excellent customer service is a crucial key to success for any business. To better understand customer needs and insure return customers and increased profits, the wise business owner will utilize a customer service survey template.

Use of cost effective tools allows the smart business owner to reinvest in business growth. This easy-to-use, downloadable Customer Service Survey Template, available at no cost, will save the savvy owner time and money.

How to Use the Customer Service Survey Template

  • First, fill in your customizable company name and address. Include your company logo in the top left corner to further personalize your customer service survey template. Also consider placing your business motto or slogan in the top right corner.
  • Second, choose which products will be beneficial for your company to track. These products can be individual or group classification, such as dry goods, paper goods, etc. Also identify how often to exchange your product listing.
  • Third, consider on which types of products your business needs feedback. Does your business need to rate individual products or classifications?

Tips for Using the Customer Service Survey Template

  • Be sure to have a blue box at the front of your store. Make sure it is visible as your customers exit. If you choose a different colored box, be sure to update your template.
  • Consider printing your customer service survey template on brightly colored paper to catch your customer’s eye and encourage use.
  • Determine the best method for your company to offer your customer service survey: placed in the cart or basket, given to the customer at check out, or displayed on a table or kiosk complete with pens.
  • Encourage your employees to refer the customer to your customer service survey to ensure results.
  • Use the information gathered. Recognize the purchasing trends and adjust inventory to match. Periodically change which products are to be rated to ensure your customers are satisfied with the quality of your merchandise.

Quality customer service drives growth. Understanding customer needs is essential to success. Use the customer service template survey found on this page to rid the uncertainty of what your customer needs.

Download: Customer Service Survey Template

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