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Free employee satisfaction survey

In today’s competitive business world, it is not only important to gain new clients or customers it is equally critical to retain those you already have. In order to accomplish this goal, businesses need to obtain feedback from customers about what they like and what they think should be changed. With the advent of social media, customer opinions and reviews play a vital role in customer retention and increased revenue. A quality employee satisfaction survey can mean the difference between your businesses continued growth and the loss of critical capital.

Since every business is different, an employee satisfaction survey must be customizable in order for it to be a useful tool for product or service improvement. It should also be easy to use such that each area of concern can be included and items can be quickly added or altered as the business changes over time. The Survey of Quality template is simple to understand and use, can be customized to inquire about the specifics of your business and is free to download. Just click the link on this page and start creating an employee satisfaction survey for your business.

How to Use the Employee Satisfaction Survey

This easy to use survey provides the structure for listing specific questions specific to quality control for any business concern. Follow the steps below to determine what areas of your business are winning you customers and which could be improved.

  • After determining the main areas about which you would like to gain customer feedback, click on the first item listed on the survey.
  • Enter the question you have constructed.
  • Continue entering items until you have a completed questionnaire.
  • Save your Employee Satisfaction Survey with a unique name.
  • Use the results from your survey to implement changes as needed and to evaluate how these changes are performing in terms of improved customer satisfaction.
  • Item spaces can be easily deleted or added to match the exact number of questions desired.
  • Alter or add new items as the strengths and weaknesses identified for your business change over time. Once you have determined that questions are no longer needed it is simple to drop them from your survey and add others that have become relevant.
  • Allow employees and management from different departments add questions that apply to the products and services specific to that area. They can be added to more general questions supplied to each department or department supervisors can be charged with creating a separate questionnaire that is appropriate for the products or service specifics for which they are responsible.

Download: Employee Satisfaction Survey

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