Democratic Nominee Tracker Sheet

Now you have a fast and convenient way to track the Democratic nominees in the latest polls. The Democratic Nominee Tracker Sheet is a free template that lets you store the poll figures you want and trust and ditch the rest. You can add as many pollsters as you want into this handy template and compare them to other providers you like. This way, you gain a more comprehensive view of how your candidate is performing in the election. Download the free template today and follow your favorite candidate into their presidency.

How to Use the Democratic Nominee Tracker Sheet

The first step is to download the free document. Simply click the link at the bottom of this page to begin the downloading process.

Next, enter the list of pollsters you want to follow in the “Pollsters” column. This is the provider of the poll you want to list so just enter the names of polls that you trust.

You will also need to list the date of when you entered the poll. This way, you can easily see that a figure is outdated, go to the site, and update the information as needed.

Now for the fun part, you will be able to enter the names of the candidates you’re tracking and list their current poll figures for the election as a whole. You can change the pre-written examples simply by clicking on a cell and writing something new.

The poll number for a candidate should be placed under the candidates name and in the same row as the pollster in which you got that information from.

Predict the outcome of this year’s primary elections and keep up with the latest new by downloading this free document.

Why You Should Download the Democratic Nominee Tracker Sheet

  • Simple design makes customization easy
  • Candidates already listed for you
  • Printable

Download: Democratic Nominee Tracker Sheet

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