Daily Planner

Daily Planner


Sure, we all use a weekly or monthly calendar to track important events and commitments, but how does that help you to stay organized on a day-to-day basis? You can only squeeze so much information onto the date block on old school desk blotter or those few lines on your weekly notebook.

And where will valuable contact information, meeting notes or input data for decisions be found in a month or a year? You know that a day is the most manageable block of time for most people; therefore a daily planner is the best way to plan and record your personal and employment activities.

Using fixed format daily planners

But, you will say, the daily planner that is available in the office supply store or on my computer’s email program is too rigid with its fixed format. Some days are all about appointments or meetings, some are spent on the phone or email and some days are even devoted to thinking and pursuing tasks. A different format might be needed for each day of the week!

Enter the daily planner template

A daily planner template allows you to modify fields to suit your needs for the day. In the very process of editing the fields you will actually be giving consideration to how to organize the day! A number of commitments for meetings or appointment? Enhance the calendar field to add detailed time increments and locations. Need to return those phone calls?

The notes field may be expanded to record the contact information and the purpose of the call. Looking forward to knocking some tasks off of that growing to-do list? Work with the prioritization column to put those tasks in order. The daily planner template gives you the flexibility to apply those organization principles you learned on a day-by-day basis.


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