House Cleaning Checklist Sheet

The secret to a happy life is keeping a clean living space but how do you accomplish this feat when you work 40 hours a week and just want to come home and relax? The Cleaning Checklist will help you compartmentalize all your chores in such a way that minimizes your cleaning time. The simple structure of the template allows you to separate and organize your chores by frequency.

Now you can blaze through your cleaning tasks faster than ever before; simply download the free template below by clicking the link provided to get started.

House Cleaning Checklist Sheet Instructions

The template was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. You will be entering information into three different columns. One in which you mark the tasks as done, one where you list the task to be completed and another for notes.

First, begin editing your document by listing out all the chores by frequency. The best part of the House Cleaning template is that you can organize your chores by frequency. Go ahead and start to list your chores into these categories.

Once the chores are listed, feel free to print the document for your convenience. You will simply click the “File” tab at the top of your screen and choose the “Print” option.

With a copy of your template on paper, you will go each day and complete the tasks as you’ve listed. This gives you the opportunity to tackle a few things at a time, instead of tackling the mess head on. You will have more time to relax and enjoy your leisure time how you want this year.

Top 3 Reasons to Download the House Cleaning Checklist Sheet

  • Simple design allows for easy customization
  • Helpful notes section
  • Easily printable

Download: House Cleaning Checklist Sheet

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