Weekly Clean-Up Sheet

The Weekly Clean-Up Sheet works intuitively to give you the best way to organize all your cleaning chores for the entire month. No other cleaning checklist gives you a way to enter a month’s worth of chores on one page. Watch as you efficiently complete task after task until your entire home is spotless. The best part about this handy Clean-up sheet is that it’s absolutely free.

Weekly Clean-Up Sheet Instructions

Start by downloading the free template to your computer. You will simply download the file by clicking the link provided for you below.
After opening the file, you can see how easy it will be to customize to fit your unique home. Start by listing the chores that will make your house shine. You know your home best, so just go through the first column and enter each task under the appropriate title.

The titles in the first column will indicate which area of your house need the following tasks performed. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

If you have multiple people living in your household they can be added to the “Name” section if you want to assign them chores individually. Splitting up tasks is a great way to reduce the number of chores for everyone.

After that, you will simply list all the dates you want these tasks accomplished. Just check the box that corresponds to the task, date, and person you have assigned to that chore.

Now you have the power to keep your household clean for the entire year instead of saving the heavy lifting until the last minute. Download the free template today to get started.

Why Use Clean-Up Sheet

  1. All your tasks are conveniently on one page
  2. Organize an entire month
  3. Completely Printable

Download: Weekly Clean-Up Sheet

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