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Books and movies, two of the best artforms that mankind has ever invented. Now you can keep track of that theoretical “list” of books you’ve been meaning to read and actually get to them this year. It’s all about having the right attitude and the Books & Movies List will definitely put you in that mindset. This template gives you a space to list the books/movies you want to read this year and add to your growing list of books/movies you’ve already been through. If you want to enjoy all those friend recommendations, download the free template today.

Using the Books & Movies List

You will need to download the free template file by clicking the link at the bottom of the template.

Once you have the document open, begin to enter in your list into the document. You will notice four different columns. The first two columns are for reading books, in the first column of this Books & Movies List, enter the books you have read to keep you motivated. The second column is where you will enter the books you want to read. This way, you will know exactly what books to read next after you finish one.

The next two columns work exactly the same way, but for movies. In the third column of the Books & Movies List, just click the cell where you want to enter an item and write the title of the movies you’ve already seen. Make your way through the third column until you’ve entered all the movies you’ve seen so far this year.

Once you’ve filled up the third column, enter all the movies you want to see this year. Ask friends, go online and find the biggest and best movies that simply strike a chord or peak your interest.

When your list is full and will keep you busy for the entire year, you can print the document. Just click the “File” button at the top of your section and then the “Print” button from the list of options that will appear.

Download: Books & Movie List

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