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The Books and Movies List is your way to finally sit down and find the time to read that great American classic or relax and enjoy a nice movie with your friends. This template lets you list the movies you want to see so you don’t waste time deciding. If you’ve ever gone through the struggle of choosing a movie on Netflix then you know the frustration people commonly feel. It’s great that there are so many movies out there, but you might spend the entire night deciding what you want instead of actually watching a movie. Likewise, you don’t want to invest your time in a bad book that could take hours to read, only to be disappointed when you finish it. This template will help you find the titles you’ll love and keep them stored forever so you can choose when you watch or read.

Using the Books and Movies List

The first thing you need to do is actually download the free template file to your computer. This only requires you to click the link below.
You can see that there are two sets of columns where you can write down your book or movie selections.

For both sections, the first column is where you will enter books that you want to read. Make sure to do your research before putting your book on the list. Remember, the point of this template is to fit it seamlessly into your schedule. This way, you can choose the books that give you the most bang for your buck.

The second column for both sections is where you will list the books you’ve already completed. Ideally, you’ll simply write the title of the book you listed in the first column once you’ve finished reading it. This way, you can scan down the list until you come across a title that’s in the “Books to Read” section that isn’t also in the “Books Read” column, you will know to read that book next.

Repeat this process for both movie tables as well.

With this template, you’ll be able to comb through the best and greatest movies and books life has to offer efficiently.

Download: Books and Movies List

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