Insurance Policies List

Keeping track of your insurance policies is as easy as writing them down in this all-stop convenient template. The Insurance Policies List cuts out all the nonsense by keeping the structure simple. You will find an easy-to-use notepad, where you can write down all the important information if an emergency occurs. You can also update this template whenever the need arises and best of all you can use it year after year. To learn how to download and use this free template, just read the steps below and you’ll have your own Insurance Policies template by the end of the tutorial.

Insurance Policies List

The first step is to download the free template by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Once you have the document opened, you can see how the template lists out the major insurance types that people commonly purchase. You’ll find Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Life Insurance, and Spouse Life Insurance, in the first row.

In the first column, you’ll see your insurance information displayed. When you need to enter a certain item you can just scan over from the first column and find the policy you want to write that information for.

The best part about this template is that you can quickly change any of the information before you even start writing or printing. Just click the cell and write something new to replace it. For example, you might not have Spouse Life insurance, but you might have pet insurance. You would just click that cell and write “Pet Insurance” in that cell.

When you have all your insurance policies listed and the information given in the first column written down for each of your columns, you can print the document.
To print the document, just click the “File” button at the top of your screen and select “Print” from the list of options that appear.

Download: ET-Insurance-Policies-List

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