Auto Maintenance Chart

The Auto Maintenance Chart is the best way to keep your car in tip-top shape. This free template gives you a way to list major car repair services and equipment. This way, you can track the repairs your car has received over the years and create your own maintenance chart. The free template is also fully customizable and allows you to change any of the items on the list, if you need more specific repairs for your car. With the information included in this template, combined with its flexibility, you’ll be able to create the perfect maintenance chart tailored to your car. This template will keep your car running smooth for years to come.

Using the Auto Maintenance Chart

To download the free Auto Maintenance template, simply click the link provided at the bottom of this page to get started today.

You can enter the date of each repair in the first column of the template. The main idea is to enter every new item on the proceeding row. This way, you’ll just scan through the dates to find your repair item.

The next section is for listing any notes you may have for that specific repair. For example, you can list the place where you received the service or advice they gave you while you were there.

Next, go through columns D-U, and enter your car’s mileage after each phase/repair listed. You will see the repair items listed at the top of the page, but you can change these by clicking the cell and writing something new. These pre-written examples are pretty common, but again, you’ll change them to whatever you want.

The last column is probably the most significant to you, the “Maintenance Cost.” This is where you will list the total cost of your repairs that day. The Maintenance Chart will automatically calculate the final total for all the repair items over time and display that figure at the bottom of your screen.

You can use this free Auto Maintenance template to keep your car running for much longer. Give your car the care it deserves by downloading the free template today.

Download: Auto Maintenance Chart

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