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Resignation Letter Template Free

Within the business world a resignation letter is one of the most important documents needed to further careers. It enables a worker to change jobs or move on to other companies while still retaining the respect and understanding from a present employer. Without a resignation letter, one generally cannot leave a company professionally. This makes it pivotal to the future success of an employee to use a resignation letter template when resigning from a business.

Using the Resignation Letter Template Correctly

The template is available for free on this page. When using this resignation letter template, one needs to remember the template is customizable. This means the user must include all relevant information that the current employer needs to know to accept a person leaving. One needs to fill in the name, personal address. The contact to which the resignation letter is to be given should be included before the main body, as should the address of the business to make it acceptable.

Within the body of the resignation letter template, the employee needs to be sure to replace any company names or significant identifiers. Finally, it’s imperative that the person set to resign puts his or her name at the end and signs the letter. With each of these items, one can be sure to deliver a professional message to the employer. Remember, the template is easy-to-use and downloadable right here.

Tips to Filling Out a Resignation Letter Template

  • First, one can add additional relevant information not found in the template. This can include a more elaborate reason for the resignation. Companies like to fully understand why a person leaves a job, particularly when the company would benefit from the knowledge. This is a polite action for the company to make necessary changes to its hiring practices, pay scale and overall comfort of the staff.
  • Second, it’s not necessary to inform the company of future plans. It is irrelevant to them what company the employee is going to work with or what position is to be taken.

Using a resignation letter is the proper way to inform a current employer of one’s desire to leave the company. It makes the process less complicated and adds the air of professionalism that the employer deserves. Download the resignation letter template on this page.

Download: Resignation Letter Template

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