Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

Feeling generous? If you’re someone that donates to charity a lot, you’re probably tired of holding on to receipts and scanning through them when tax season comes around. The free Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker is the perfect tool to help you organize this information quickly and easily. This free template will be your saving grace when it’s time to do you taxes and using the document couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is enter the information that is required and listed and the template will total everything for you nice and easy. To get started with this free document today, just follow the set of instructions given below.

Learning to Use the Tax-Deductible Donation Tracker

Of course, the first thing you will need is the template itself. To download the free template document to your computer, just follow the link below.

The template is easy to use and designed to save you time, the table at the very bottom of this page is the only thing that you need to worry about.

Start by entering the date in the first column, the date where you gave your first donation of the year. Every donation after will receive its own row beneath this first entry.

After the date, you will enter the total value of the donation, if you have a receipt or not, if the item has been appraised, the organization that received the donation, and finally the donation type. This can be anything from money to furniture.

When you finish entering your items for the year, you will see your complete total at the very top of the page and two graphs that will illustrate your donations and the amounts by the organization.

If you donate regularly, you can also see your donations on a monthly basis as well. You can use this information to calculate your estimated deductible from charitable donations for the entire year!

Download: Deductible Donation Tracker

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